Shootables to Open Door

Version: 1.0.0

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Description Shoot triggers to open a door with this script!
  1. Open your mapname.gsc located in usermaps>zm_mapname>scripts>zm and add this to your mapname.gsc:

    function main()
  2. Add this function to the very bottom of your mapname.gsc:
  3. In 'Entity Browser' place as many trigger>damage triggers as you would like with the following KVP's ( Press N with the trigger selected to add KVPs )
    targetname - shootable_door
  4. Place a script>model or script>brushmodel with the following KVPs:
    targetname - shootable_door_reward
    script_flag - flag_to_start_spawners_in_this_zone

    Note: Place as many doors as you would like just be sure they all have the same KVPs and that the script_flag is the name of the flag that you would normally put on the trigger of the door to initiate the spawners in that zone. The script_flag is intentionally on the door and not the trigger in this script DONT PUT THE SCRIPT_FLAG ON THE TRIGGERS
  5. Compile and you are done!
  • October 1 2016: Released