Shootable for all Perks

Version: 1.0.0

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Description Shoot as manny triggers as you place to be given all of the perks in your map, even custom ones!
  1. Drag the folders into your root directory.
  2. Open your mapname.gsc located in usermaps>zm_mapname>scripts>zm and add this to your mapname.gsc:

    function main()

    Also add this to your mapname.gsc:

    #using scripts\zm\zm_usermap;
  3. Open your maps zone file located in usermaps\zm_test\zone_source and add these lines:
  4. Add the prefabs to your map in map_source\_prefabs\_NSZ\Shootable_EE:

    • place as many of these where you want in your map. The script will adjust to the amount placed in the map.
    • change the model being shot simply select and Press N to edit the enity info. Change the model KVP to whatever you want
  5. Compile and you are done!
  • Jan 12 2017: Released