Random Weapon

Version: 1.0.0

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Description This power up gives you a random weapon.
  1. Drag the folders into your root directory.
  2. Open your mapname.gsc located in usermaps>zm_mapname>scripts>zm and add this to your mapname.gsc:

    #using scripts\zm\zm_usermap;
  3. Open your maps zone file located in usermaps\zm_test\zone_source and add these lines:
  4. Navigate to root>share>raw>scripts>_NSZ>nsz_powerup_weapon.gsc and add to the function weapon_lookup_table the console weapon names you would like the drop to include by adding this line:

    If you dont like the 3 weapons I have included for example simply delete those lines. WARNING: do not delete the line 'level.weapon_lookup_table = [];'
  5. Compile and you are done!
  • Dec 23 2016: Released