Version: 1.0.0

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Description This gives a white hitmarker for every time a zombie takes damage, a green hitmarker for a headshot, and a red hitmarker for when a zombie dies.
  1. Drag the folders into your root directory.
  2. Open your mapname.gsc located in usermaps>zm_mapname>scripts>zm and add this to your mapname.gsc:

    #using scripts\zm\zm_usermap;
  3. Open your maps zone file located in usermaps\zm_test\zone_source and add these lines:
  4. Open useraliases.csv in share>raw>sound>aliases and add the following lines if you have not added them already from another one of my powerups:
  5. Compile and you are done!
  • Jan 22 2017: Released
  • Jan 22 2017: Fixed Insta Kill Bug
  • Feb 4 2017: Added the option to turn on and off colored hitmarkers, added green hitmarker for a headshot